Standard Coaching Package



Standard Coaching Package

  • 2x 2h Coaching Calls called a Discovery Call and BluePrint Call

  • 5-stage Discovery Call Workbook

  • Initial report after Discovery Call

  • Final BluePrint report, which includes 

    • Your Roadmap to a Successful Business

    • Timeline for Business Development

  • 4 Google Forms for information gathering and accountability during the process

  • Are you a teacher who is about to leave or want to leave the classroom? 
  • Do you want to set yourself up as an Independent Online Maths Tutor but feel overwhelmed about leaping into the unknown of being self-employed?
  • Are you unsure how you could possibly teach online after the difficulties you found delivering lockdown lessons? 
  • Not sure what hardware or software you will need to buy/understand? 
  • Do you need to figure out how different it is to teach just one pupil at a time compared with a class or group teaching? 
  • Are you a Primary non-maths-specialist wanting to focus on just tutoring Maths? 
  • Or do you just need someone who has over a decade of tutoring experience and has walked the walk to hold your hand as you start out on your tuition journey? 

If you are answering yes to several of these questions, then my Standard Coaching Package will be the right fit for you! 

For £399, you will get 2 x 120-minute 1-2-1 Coaching Calls with me, Judy Brice.
The calls can be recorded for you to refer back to afterwards so that you don’t have to try to remember everything we have discussed.
Totalling 4 hours of live coaching, workpacks, accountability tasks via email & Google Forms, and 2 detailed reports, including Your Roadmap to a Successful Business and Timeline for Business Development.

You will receive the Welcome Pack as soon as you click and pay. The link to book your calls is also in the Welcome Pack and the link to the first Google Form, which is a Pre-Discovery Call Questionnaire. Once you book your call and complete the Google Form, you will receive the 5-stage Discovery Call Workbook to help you fine-tune your ideas and feelings about your tuition business and give you the clarity to make the right decisions and implement the right strategies for you and your business.

After each of the calls, you will receive by email a clear and visual follow-up document summarising our discussion and giving any additional suggestions that have occurred to me afterwards or that I have especially researched for you.

Book these calls to suit your schedule and space them out 1 per month. The calls are an evergreen service with no time limit, so it is your choice when to book. The time you give yourself between calls will give you the mental headspace to take on board, implement the ideas and advice from the previous call, and make the best use of the recommendations.

Have you already started to trade as an Independent Online Maths Tutor, have many things sorted for your technology set-up, and have Maths knowledge and techniques at your fingertips? However, could you still do with some advice or support? This package will help you continue to develop your business.

Please contact me if you need to make a split payment of £200 + £199, and I can make arrangements.

Appointments are usually at the following times: Monday 12:00-14:30, Tuesday 11:30-15:30 or 19:00-20:00, Wednesday 9:00-14:30 or 19:00-20:00, and Thursday 19:00-20:00. 

If you have any issues, please contact us at 


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