Final summary

Do watch this final video in which I summarise all the previous videos and give the key takeaway points again. 

Welcome to your 'Final Assignment'

Before you took part in this course, how confident did you feel to identify any pupils who are experiencing Maths Anxiety?

This could be from the perspective of teaching a class, teaching one pupil or a small group or as a parent.

Now think about how you feel having taken this Introduction to Maths Anxiety. How confident do you now feel to identify any pupils who are experiencing Maths Anxiety?


Once you have completed all sections of this course, you will be eligible to download a certificate of completion. Please do download it and keep it for your records.

LinkedIn support group

Included in this course is a lifetime membership to my LinkedIn support group.

A support group for educators who are enrolled in a Jackpot Maths training course. This platform is the main way to ask questions and seek advice or support. Please come there rather than by email. If you have any questions, you want to ask, please use this safe space to ask them. If you would like to share your successes in implementing any of the strategies you have learned in the course, do feel free to share in the group too, we would love to hear!

Please click the link and ask to join.

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You can book your free Bonus Mentoring Call here You can do this before, during or after the course. It is a chance to ask questions and get support on how to tailor the ideas to your pupils and your business model. Want to find out how to attract pupils who have Maths Anxiety? This is your chance.

Further courses…

The next course to be released will be the Deeper Dive into Maths Anxiety which follows on from this course but gives you a deeper understanding and further strategies.

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