Introduction to Maths Anxiety (UK BETA)

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A warm welcome from Judy Brice, Founder of Jackpot Maths. 

During this module, you will learn:

  • Anyone can have Maths Anxiety given the wrong circumstances 
  • More children than you think have this anxiety
  • Deal with the anxiety, and then the learning can take place
  • Given the right teaching strategies, the anxious child can unlock their potential and still succeed
  • A better understanding of Maths Anxiety
  • Having Maths Anxiety does not mean that they necessarily have Dyscalculia; they are separate issues
  • Strategies of how to teach in a more practical and visual way that not just benefits Neurodiverse children but most children

The course is a mixture of prerecorded videos, information, and tasks to help you understand how to put the ideas into practice.