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A warm welcome from Judy Brice, Founder of Jackpot Maths. 

During this course, you will learn:

  • The basic methods of utilising manipulatives, whether you teach face to face or online
  • A whistle-stop tour of the most frequently used manipulatives and where to find them
  • Pros and cons of using various manipulatives
  • How to blend your delivery methods between face to face, on a camera, in an app, or pasted and tailored to your needs in BitPaper.
  • A variety of manipulatives to teach at 3 different levels of mathematical concepts.
    • Basic numbers sense, middle or higher level.
    • So regardless of what age range you teach, there are suitable manipulatives to help bring the maths to life and enable all children to learn.

Using manipulatives helps all children, not just those who struggle.

Bringing maths concepts to life away from just the abstract enables all children to engage and learn, removing barriers that prevent them from learning.

The course combines prerecorded videos, information, and tasks to help you understand how to implement the ideas. 

If you only teach older and more competent pupils, you will need to focus on the higher level manipulatives; however, do still make yourself familiar with the lower level tools for when you need to use them with a pupil who has a gap that needs filling.

Welcome to your 'Using manipulatives - what do you know?'

Manipulatives, what do you already know about them?

Which manipulatives? Check any of the manipulatives that you have heard of:

Check any of the manipulatives that you have used before

If you have heard of some of these visual and practical resources what is it that has held you back from using them with your pupils?

Hopefully, this course will inspire you to use resources more often.