A Deeper Dive into Maths Anxiety (UK BETA)

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Judy Brice

Welcome to this second course about Maths Anxiety, where we will build on the content in ‘Introduction to Maths Anxiety’ and look at extra concepts and strategies you can add to your teaching to further enhance your pupils’ learning experience.

I am very honoured that you have chosen to come back for more training with Jackpot Maths and that my experiences and ideas have already been helping your professional development.

This course is longer than the introductory one due to the larger number of lessons and the depth that we will go into each concept.

Work through the course at a pace that suits you and in a way that you can take the time to contemplate each idea and think about how you could implement it.

Some ideas you may already be accustomed to, and if that’s the case, feel pleased with yourself and feel reassured that you are already teaching in a way that is going to be helping your pupils.