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Well, if I do say so myself, I am pleased with them! They are the culmination of many years of working in this field.

These products have been in development (in my head!) for such a long time and are a culmination of years of teaching and tutoring –  developing strategies that really, really work! I’ve finally developed it into this breakthrough training product, helping tutors open up the world of Maths to those who experience Maths Anxiety.

The courses have been well received, and happy participants are leaving their feedback already!!

There is always room for improvement, which I strive to do.

Always refining the content and format of the courses to make the best possible experience for the customer and, therefore, for their pupils too!

Don’t take my word for it; take a look at these Terrific Testimonials from customers in their own words…

Great to get this message from a Tutor who took some of my previous training. She has now enrolled on 2 of our new online courses.
A returning customer who had coaching and training last year coming back for more!
I was hugely impressed with the quality and ease of navigation of your courses.

What do customers who have finished think?

Introduction to Maths Anxiety

Terrific testimonials Helen Osmond tweeted about taking the Introduction to Maths Anxiety
Helen Osmond tweeted about taking the Introduction to Maths Anxiety

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Deeper Dive into Maths Anxiety

I'm pleased to say that I have completed (and enjoyed!) the deeper dive into maths anxiety by @jackpotmaths It confirmed to me that the approach I use to teach maths works! Anna Austin

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Introduction to using Manipulatives to teach Maths

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