There are now 2 ways that you can sign up for coaching support

  1. General Coaching Packages
  2. Focused Coaching Programmes

General Coaching Packages

These can be bought individually or in money-saving bundles of 2, 3 or 4 Coaching Calls. They can be bought at any time.

These multipurpose coaching packages offer versatile support and can be adapted to a multitude of needs, challenges, and stages of your business journey.

If you are a new tutor, I can help you identify your motivation and reasons for wanting to start a tutoring business. I can guide you through the transition from classroom teaching to 1-2-1 or small group tuition, identify your unique tutoring strengths, and match them with the right services. I will also help you explore various business models and formulate strategies for setting up and initiating your trade. Key operational aspects such as student ‘onboarding’, contingency planning, and effective teaching in a tutoring setting are all covered in depth, including the use of cutting-edge hardware and software for effective online instruction.

In case you’re an experienced tutor, you might find some aspects of your business that need polishing or perhaps a fresh perspective. Like the intensive 10-day programme, I can help you discover your strengths and carve out a niche for yourself. The focus of our time will be on creating a clear, actionable roadmap that you can implement to improve your business.

If you are a well-established tutor, you might need different types of support to take your operations to the next level. This could involve strengthening your personal brand, strategising pricing, improving marketing to prospective clients, streamlining onboarding processes, or even outsourcing tasks to Virtual Assistants.

At its most advanced level, this package can help you diversify your business, add additional revenue streams, and manage service demand more evenly throughout the year, along with strategic planning to effectively grow and scale your business.

You are buying 1 hour of 1-2-1 personalised coaching with me.

What is the focus of the package?

If you would like to have a 60-minute Question & Answer Coaching Call with a follow-up report tailored to you and your business, you can!

Focused Coaching Programmes

These focused programmes are run at set times of the year with a limited number of spaces, and you enter as a cohort. They can be individual coaching programmes or a group coaching format where the cohort receives coaching calls together.

These intensely focused programmes are specially designed to tackle one significant challenge or pain point that many tutors face.

Group or individual?

This will depend on the sensitivity of the programme content. Anything that involves sensitive business information will always be in the individual format. Rightly so, you will not feel safe divulging certain information about the details of your business, such as financial and other confidential information that, if known by other tutors, could potentially damage your plans. Talking and sharing your hopes and plans, as well as your vulnerabilities, with me will remain totally confidential, and I will not use any information to change my own tuition model to my advantage. I can vouch for my integrity in this matter. However, in any group situation, one can never be entirely certain of others’ motivation.

The first of these programmes ’10 Days to Discover Your Tutoring Strengths’ Coaching Programme, is in the individual format. This is because together, we will be working on highly sensitive plans for the future of your business.

However, there will be future programmes that aren’t sensitive in this way. Potential group coaching programmes are:

  • Maths Anxiety training with additional group calls for Q&As or workshops.
  • How to teach using manipulatives. A hybrid course with some online learning plus additional group calls for Q&As or workshops.
  • How to teach maths online using effective hardware, software and resources. Group calls for Q&As or workshops.
  • How to set up effective onboarding and offboarding process using automation and testimonials. This would involve resources plus group calls for Q&As or workshops.
  • Neurodiversity training with additional group calls for Q&As or workshops

Roughly speaking, if the pain point involves general teaching and learning concepts, I will run it in a group format with a cohort to add accountability and camaraderie peer support gives, as it may be beneficial for the cohort to learn extra ideas not just from me but from peer to peer. If the details of the pain point are specific to you and the inner workings of your business, then it will be in an individual format.

’10 Days to Discover Your Tutoring Strengths’ Coaching Programme

This intensely focused programme is specially designed to tackle one significant challenge that many tutors face: distinguishing themselves in a saturated market.

Focus of the programme

With this programme, I can help you attract the ideal students who align with your teaching style, strengths, and ethos, thus creating a tuition business that offers not only a sense of accomplishment but also financial stability.

Perhaps you have already initiated your venture, potentially operating for several years. However, if you constantly find yourself thinking ‘something isn’t quite right…’, this programme is for you.

Is attracting enough students a constant battle for you? Or do you find that the students you do attract come with incessant issues related to payment, cancellations, or incessant requests for discounts? It could be that you are struggling to reach high-quality clients who appreciate your skills and are prepared to pay a fair price for your expertise and experience.

Maybe past teaching experiences have left you battling confidence issues or wrestling with Imposter Syndrome and self-limiting beliefs that stifle your progress. In such cases, this programme will provide the necessary support to help you objectively identify the challenges you face in your business operations. I will provide you with focused guidance to pinpoint the steps you need to overcome these hurdles.

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General Coaching Packages

As soon as you click and pay, you will receive the 27-page Welcome Pack, which includes 2 Workbooks to help you fine-tune your ideas and feelings about your tuition business and give you the clarity to make the right decisions and implement the right strategies for you and your business. The link to book your calls is also in the Welcome Pack.

Welcome Pack

The calls can be recorded for you to refer back to afterwards so that you don’t have to try and remember everything that we have discussed. 

After each of the calls, you will receive by email a clear and visual follow-up document that summarises our discussion and also gives any additional suggestions that have occurred to me afterwards or that I have especially researched for you. 

Book these calls to suit your schedule and space them out 1 per month. The calls are an evergreen service with no time limit, so it is your choice when to book. The time you give yourself between calls will give you the mental headspace to take on board, implement the ideas and advice from the previous call, and make the best use of the recommendations. 

What stage in your business journey?

Have you already started to trade as an Independent Online Maths Tutor, have many things sorted for your technology set-up, and have Maths knowledge and techniques at your fingertips? However, could you still do with some advice or support? This package will help you continue to develop your business. 

The more calls you book, the more you save. Save up to 24% by booking the 4-month package compared with buying one at a time. 

All Coaching packages come with a lifetime membership to Jackpot Maths – Teacher and Tutor Training LinkedIn group, where you can become part of the Jackpot Maths community and continue to ask questions from not just me but the rest of the Educators in our community.

1 Month Package

This is the pay-as-you-go option, where you will get

1 Month Package = 1 Coaching Call + pdf Workbooks + follow up advice report

£99 gets you an hour with me on Zoom, where we can discuss any issues you may have.

This might be about finding your niche, how to feel ok setting your prices, more effective ways of finding pupils, the pros and cons of working for agencies, overcoming Imposter Syndrome, improving your onboarding process or many, many more avenues of thought too!

2 Month Package

2 Month Package = 2 Coaching Calls + pdf Workbooks + 2 follow up advice reports

For £169, you will get 2 x 60-minute 1-2-1 Coaching Calls

3 Month Package

3 Month Package = 3 Coaching Calls + pdf Workbooks + 3 follow up advice reports

For £249, you will get 3 x 60-minute 1-2-1 Coaching Calls.

4 Month Package

4 Month Package = 4 Coaching Calls + pdf Workbooks + 4 follow up advice reports

Bespoke Packages

If you would like a combination of other calls, please contact us at, and we can put a package together to suit you.

Comparing the focused ’10 Days to Discover Your Tutoring Strengths’ Coaching Programme with 2 Month Coaching Package